I've been a long time away and the time of rest and service to family and new friends has helped me adjust.  Many changes this past year, some I've looked forward to (retired from my day job); some I have struggled with, no point in crying over spilled milk or broken eggs!

I am planning now to start afresh with new photo techniques and listings in my etsy shop ~ which has been in vacation mode these past months.

A few offline sales have bolstered my hopes that things are at long last starting to pick up!  Tweet me or send me a note, I'd love to hear from visitors.

Happy summer everyone!


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    Dorothea 'Dory' Socea

    If I were starting today, I would probably pursue a career in graphic arts.  But 32 years ago my career took a very different turn and computing took precedence over art.

    No matter, to everything there is a season and things are working out quite well, a little different, and a tad later, but better late than not at all!


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