Here in my studio are storage cupboards and display cabinets, a tree to have up year round with a variety of ornaments, some of which I created back in the 1970s.
From my workbench tucked under a window I paint the eggshells, add trims, and
decorate the interiors of the ornaments with themes for seasons, holidays & designs
that come about as dreams take flight. 

Just a wee little workshop in the woods ~  nothing fancy or grand, 
just right for escaping the weary world for a while.



    Dorothea 'Dory' Socea

    If I were starting today, I would probably pursue a career in graphic arts.  But 32 years ago my career took a very different turn and computing took precedence over art.

    No matter, to everything there is a season and things are working out quite well, a little different, and a tad later, but better late than not at all!


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