Some simple designs for Valentine's Day using buttons and miniature flower bouquets.  Also some with fancy buttons that look like candy boxes or cards.

I hope you look on both web sites - my gallery page www.eggcentricty.com and the online etsy store http://FairyTaleEggs.etsy.com  Thanks for stopping by ;-)

When people see my ornaments for the first time they almost always ask how long I've been making them, how I got started and where the ideas come from.  

Over 30 years - beginning in 1974 or 1975, not sure exactly when I created my first ornament. 

The inspiration came from childhood memories of the sugar eggs with one open end and scenes inside of spring and the Easter Bunny.  My shells are sometimes miniature "worlds" but mostly its miniature figurines tucked into designs that showcase their own special quality.  Some examples - a deer peering out from the edge of a wood, a fairy flying through the branches of a tree, or a cat crouched under a bush.

In 2003 utilizing the magic of digital photography and assistance from my husband in capturing the images as I worked, I wrote and self published my step by step photo illustrated "Guide to Decorating Eggshell Ornaments".

In an effort to promote the book my first web site came into being and I scoped out a 5 year plan to prepare for full time artistry after retiring.  That plan has now taken a slide into being a 10 year plan as I now expect to keep my "day" job for another 3 years.  After that, I hope to devote more time to my art, teaching classes, and possibly taking time to participate in egg art shows.   Time will tell!      ~ Dory



    Dorothea 'Dory' Socea

    If I were starting today, I would probably pursue a career in graphic arts.  But 32 years ago my career took a very different turn and computing took precedence over art.

    No matter, to everything there is a season and things are working out quite well, a little different, and a tad later, but better late than not at all!


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